The Potential of Genomics Technology for Marine Monitoring and the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD)

Place and time

Oxford University 19th (12.00) - 20th (13.00) September 2012


With this stakeholder meeting we want to bring together leading scientists from the field of marine genomics with marine policy makers, to discuss how genetic information and analytical methods can contribute to a cost-efficient monitoring of marine ecosystems. The workshop will explore the potential of using genomics approaches for reducing biodiversity loss and maintaining ecosystem services. It will be a unique opportunity to establish direct interaction between scientists and representatives of marine policy bodies. The workshop is organized in conjunction with the 14th meeting of the Genomics Standards Consortium (GSC14).


A selected number of leading scientists will present practical examples of genomics applications in marine ecosystem research and environmental monitoring. In addition, policy representatives will give an overview over crucial knowledge bottlenecks in current marine monitoring programs. An open debate will then take place on the potential benefits and added value of genomics technology for environmental monitoring as well as the practical implications of integrating genomics approaches into monitoring programs.


Topics to be covered will include
  • Genomics descriptors for good environmental status (GES)
  • Biocode projects and metagenetic applications
  • Problem oriented approaches for surveillance of harbors, invasives, MPA’s, and ballast water
  • Applications for food web ecology and trophic interactions
  • Applications in forenics, fishery control, and tracing of food origins
  • Analytical pipelines and infrastructure
  • Integration of genomics with environmental research
  • Genomic observatory networks and technology outlook

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